Unity new fees for game Installs – Unity Engine Announced New Fees


Unity the tech company that makes a famous tool for creating video games is trying to explain some changes it is making to how much it costs to use their services. They made an announcement on Tuesday that made a lot of game creators really upset. Unity new fees for game Installs – Unity Engine Announced New Fees.

Unity new fees for game Installs

Why is this important:

Unity says they need to charge more to help pay for making their technology better. But this made many game developers worry that if they used Unity to make their games they might not earn enough money.

Throughout the day game developers talked about delaying their games and switching to a different tool called Unreal Engine made by a company called Epic Games. Some even thought about using other services like X (formerly known as Twitter).

But in the evening a person from Unity named Marc Whitten talked to AzeemSafi and shared some updates about the rules. This seemed to make some of the game creators feel better.

Here the deal:

The new “Runtime Fee” they announced means that now game creators have to pay money when people install their game. Before this didn’t cost anything.

With this new plan if you use Unity free tools to make your game you have to pay Unity $0.20 for each installation once your game gets downloaded 200,000 times and makes $200,000 in money.

If you are already paying over $2,000 every year for a Unity Pro plan you have to hit even higher goals before they charge you and the fees are lower.


This new fee thing will start in 2024.

But here the problem: Game developers especially on X got really mad because Unity new rules could mean huge fees for games that suddenly become popular because of a big sale a charity deal or being in a subscription service like Microsoft Game Pass.

One game studio called Innersloth who made Among Us tweeted that this could hurt not only them but also other game studios of all sizes.

Another studio named Aggro Crab said Unity should change their plans because their next game set to be in Game Pass for 25 million subscribers might have fees that hurt their business.

What is interesting:

Unity has been trying to explain and sometimes change what they said about these fees.

Zoom in:

At first Unity told Axios that if someone installed a game deleted it and installed it again they would pay multiple fees. But later Unity Whitten said they would only charge for the first installation. Unity said they needed to talk more about this issue.

They hope this will stop people from trying to “install-bomb” games to make developers pay a lot of fees.

But if someone installs a game on a different device like on a Steam Deck after installing it on a PC they will have to pay another fee.

What more:

Unity won not charge fees for game demos unless the demo is part of a download that includes the whole game. But early access games will pay a fee for each installation Whitten said.

Games offered for charity or in charity deals wo not have to pay fees. Unity will make a way for developers to tell them if their games are being offered that way.

As for Game Pass and other subscription services Whitten said the developers like Aggro Crab wo not have to pay as the fees are charged to the companies that distribute the games like Microsoft.

Just so you know:

Whitten thinks only about 10% of Unity developers will have to pay fees based on the goals games need to reach.

What they are saying:

“Our main point with this is to make sure we get a fair deal so we can keep making our tools better for people to make great games.”Azeem Safi

“It is not fun to get a lot of angry feedback in one day. We are listening and we will keep trying to do our best.” Shoaib Sanpal

Unity new fees for game Installs – Unity Engine Announced New Fees

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