Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review: Backlit Combo Set


Gaming having the right gear can make a big difference. Gamers need equipment that works well and looks cool in their gaming setup. That is where the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse combo come in. They are like a superhero duo for your gaming experience. this review we shall talk about what these two can do and if they are worth your money. Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review: Backlit Combo Set.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review Backlit Combo Set


Are you a gamer looking to step up your game? Well we have got just the thing for you the Redragon Premium RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Red LED Backlit Gaming Mouse. This fantastic combo kit is a gamers dream and we are here to tell you all about it. Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review.

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Lets Talk About the RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon LED RGB Keyboard is a real beauty. It is got 4 different backlight color effects that you can choose from. Want to add some flair to your setup? No problem! This keyboard has 5 levels of backlight breathing speed. Plus it is designed to be comfy with 104 keys and no less than 25 of them can be pressed at once without any problems. There are 12 multimedia keys for easy access and you also get 8 independent control keys for quick management. Worried about spills?

Do not be because it is splash proof! If you are into gaming you can disable the WIN key so you do not accidentally exit your game. The keys are laser engraved for durability and it comes with a 5 foot high speed USB cable. The cable is even covered in 3mm diameter high strength braided fiber for extra toughness.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review Backlit Combo Set

Pros and Cons

Good performance for priceWrist rest is lacking
Bundles with keyboard and mouse
Built in multimedia keys

Now Lets Check Out the Gaming Mouse

The Redragon M601 Centrophorus Red Backlit Computer Gaming Mouse is a real beast. It is got a cool LED that you can turn off if you want. You can change the DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity to 3200 with options for 1000 1600 and 2400 DPI too. It is super fast with 4000 FPS (frames per second) and a 15G ACC super fast game engine. The best part? 5 of its buttons can be programmed to do whatever you want.

You can even set them to mimic keyboard keys or do special Windows functions using the included software. Need the perfect feel for gaming? This mouse comes with an 8 piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8). Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review. It is got smooth TEFLON feet and a comfy shape for ultimate gaming control. The mouse is also made to fit your hand nicely and is built to last with quality ABS construction.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review Backlit Combo Set

Compatibility Matters

This gaming keyboard and mouse combo is ready to roll with Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista and even Windows XP. However it is important to note that Mac users will have limited keyboard support.


A Little About Redragon

Redragon is a company that is been around since 2012. They started as a gaming hardware manufacturer back in 1996. Their goal is simple to provide gamers like you with top notch gaming accessories that are high quality and perform like champs. They have got a team of experts in different fields like design electronics and software who work hard to make awesome gaming gear.

They have got a big 215000 square foot factory that is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and they are all about making high quality products that are safe for the environment. So you know you are getting quality when you go with Redragon.

Opening the Box

Lets start with the first thing you see when you open the box. The keyboard and mouse are nicely packed with foam around them to keep them safe. They look really cool with a black and red design that screams I am a gaming pro.

Design and Quality

Keyboard: The Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard is a full sized one. That means it has a number pad on the right side which is super handy for doing regular computer stuff and gaming. The keys light up with RGB colors and you can change them to match your style. The keyboard feels sturdy like it can handle a lot of typing and button mashing.

Mouse: The M601 Mouse is built to fit your hand comfortably during long gaming sessions. You can change how sensitive it is which is great for different games. The logo on the mouse lights up adding some style to your setup. It feels strong and well made.

How They Perform

Keyboard: When it is time to game you need a keyboard that responds quickly. The Redragon S101 does just that. The keys feel nice and clicky making it easy to do exactly what you want in your games. It is also really good at not missing any of your key presses thanks to anti ghosting tech.

Mouse: The M601 Mouse is like your sidekick. It is super precise so you can aim and move precisely in games. You can change how fast it moves depending on what you are playing. It is like having a superpower!

Customizing Them

Both the keyboard and mouse come with software that lets you change how they work and how they look. The software is easy to use even if you are not great with tech stuff.

Bang for Your Buck

The best part is that you get all this awesomeness without spending a fortune. These Redragon buddies do not cost as much as some other gaming gear but they are still really good. So even if you are not rolling in cash you can still get gear that helps you win.

RGB Gaming Keyboard:

  • Cool RGB backlight effects
  • 25 keys without conflicts
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • 8 independent control keys
  • Splash proof
  • Disable the WIN key
  • Durable and comes with a strong USB cable

Ergonomic Gaming Mouse:

  • Adjustable DPI sensitivity
  • Superfast game engine
  • Programmable buttons
  • Weight tuning set included
  • Comfy and durable
  • Red LED Backlit (LED can be turned off)
  • Comes with a strong USB cable
  • Compatible with various Windows versions


In the world of gaming gear the Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse combo are like the heroes you have been waiting for. They look cool perform great and they wo not empty your wallet. If you need a backlit gaming keyboard and mouse that won not let you down these two should be on your list. Redragon Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review: Backlit Combo Set

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Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Review: Backlit Combo Set

Can I customize the RGB lighting on the Redragon S101 keyboard and M601 mouse?

Yes you can use the Redragon software to make the colors match your setup.

Is the Redragon S101 keyboard suitable for both gaming and typing tasks?

Totally! It is good for typing and gaming so you do not need two keyboards.

What is the DPI range of the Redragon M601 mouse?

You can change the speed from 800 to 3200 DPI depending on what you are doing.

Are the Redragon S101 and M601 compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes they are friends with both Windows and Mac computers.

Does the Redragon S101 keyboard have anti ghosting technology?

Yes it is got anti ghosting tech to make sure your keystrokes always count.

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