Review of the iPhone 14 Pro Max: Every Known About Apple


If you have been thinking about upgrading your iPhone. Apple has just introduced the iPhone 14 series and while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus offer some great features it is the iPhone 14 Pro models that are turning heads. Lets talk about the new iPhone 14 Pro Max and see if it is worth getting. We can try to guess what it might be like based on what Apple usually does.

iPhone 14 Pro Max - Designed to make a difference
iPhone 14 Pro Max – Designed to make a difference

The biggest reason for the excitement is that both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have received a major design makeover the most significant since 2017. And the most significant change? They have finally done away with the notch.

Yes you read that right – the notch is gone at least on the Pro models. But do not worry Face ID is still here. It is just that the clever camera system that makes it work now hides behind a new pill shaped design called the Dynamic Island. It is an unusual name but we shall get into that in a moment.

There are other notable improvements in the iPhone 14 Pro lineup including an entirely new display technology it is now always on and a new triple lens rear camera system.


The design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max does not stray too far from its predecessors. If the screen is off it is hard to tell the difference. The major changes design wise are more subtle. Apple is generally satisfied with how its iPhones look and has not made drastic changes.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max review: nearly perfect
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max review: nearly perfect

However with the iPhone 14 Pro Max there is one feature that makes it stand out – the Dynamic Island. You ca not miss it; the entire front of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro looks entirely different. Moving from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro Max felt somewhat incremental but the leap to the iPhone 14 Pro Max is much more noticeable. Apple has gone all out adding a host of new and innovative features.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Features

All these changes make the iPhone 14 Pro Max a much more compelling and unique device compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max from 2021. However the same ca not be said for the regular iPhone 14 it is too similar to the iPhone 13 to justify an upgrade for existing iPhone 13 users.

But if you are in the market for an upgrade and have never used an iPhone before or are coming from a different brand like Samsung the iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth serious consideration.

One standout feature of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the Dynamic Island. This is the black pill shaped cutout that has replaced the notch. I know you might be thinking “What is the big deal? Android phones have had hole punch or pill shaped cutouts for front cameras for ages.”

However the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a significant improvement over any previous iPhone cutout. Why? Because Dynamic Island combines hardware and software to create a versatile utility bar at the top of the iPhone is screen.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review - Pros and cons, Verdict
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review – Pros and cons, Verdict

In simple terms Apple has found a way to innovate the concept of the camera cutout – and it is quite surprising. Apple describes Dynamic Island as something that pops up when you need information. For instance it morphs to show the Face ID symbol when you are using it or lets you change your music track even when you are in another app. Dynamic Island can display various types of information like sports scores and call details.

We have given you our quick take on the iPhone 14 Pro Max now lets see what other reviewers have to say. The consensus is pretty clear: the iPhone 14 Pro Max showcases Apple return to its strong suit – innovation.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is probably going to be better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Here are some things we might expect:

  1. Looks Nice: It might look fancier with a sleeker design smaller borders around the screen and maybe some new materials.
  2. Fancy Screen: The screen could have even more vibrant colors and look really sharp. It might also be super smooth when you scroll or play games.
  3. Works Faster: The new iPhone could be faster because it might have a more powerful brain (called a CPU). That means apps open quickly and games look even cooler.
  4. Better Photos: Apple always tries to make the camera better. So expect it to take great pictures in the dark maybe do some cool tricks with artificial intelligence and zoom in closer.
  5. More Battery: They might make it so the battery lasts longer because of some fancy tech tricks.
  6. New Software: It will come with a new iPhone software that has cool new things.
  7. Fast Internet: When the 5G internet gets even faster this iPhone should be ready for it.

Pros and Cons


  1. Super Fast: It will be very fast because of its strong brain which means you can do many things at once and games will look great.
  2. Pretty Screen: The screen will be colorful and sharp so videos and pictures will look awesome.
  3. Amazing Camera: The camera should take amazing pictures and videos even when it is dark outside.
  4. Always Updated: Apple usually updates their phones for a long time so you shall get new features for years.
  5. Fast Internet: When you are on the go the internet will be super fast.
  6. Fancy Design: Apple is known for making things that look fancy and nice.
  7. Works Well with Other Apple Stuff: If you have other Apple things like an iPad or a MacBook they all work together nicely.


  1. Costs a Lot: It might be expensive more than other phones.
  2. Breaks Easily: Like other glass backed phones if you drop it it could break and fixing it might cost a lot.
  3. Battery Worries: If you use it a lot the battery might not last all day.
  4. Can not Customize Much: You can not change how it looks or works much compared to some other phones.
  5. Only Works with Apple Stuff: If you like to mix and match gadgets from different companies it might not be for you.
  6. No Extra Storage: You have to choose how much storage you want when you buy it and you can not add more later.
  7. Not the Newest Look: Some people might not like the way it looks especially the part at the top of the screen.

Review of the iPhone 14 Pro Max: Every Known About Apple

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Review of the iPhone 14 Pro Max: Every Known About Apple

What are the key features of the iPhone Pro Max?

The iPhone Pro Max comes with some cool stuff. It is got a fantastic Super Retina XDR display a super fast A14 Bionic chip a camera setup with three lenses for different shots and it can connect to the super fast 5G network for quicker internet.

What is the battery life like on the iPhone Pro Max?

The battery on the iPhone Pro Max is pretty good. You can chat for up to 20 hours surf the internet for about 12 hours and listen to music for up to 80 hours. But remember how long it lasts depends on how you use it.

Does the iPhone Pro Max support wireless charging?

Yes you can! The iPhone Pro Max can do wireless charging. It works with special chargers that have a “Qi certified” label. No need to plug in cables; just put it on the charger.

Can I use the iPhone Pro Max underwater?

Well you should not swim with it for too long. It can handle a bit of water and dust but it is not a submarine. It is rated as IP68 which means it can survive being underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of about 6 meters. But do not push your luck with it.

Is the iPhone Pro Max available in different storage capacities?

Absolutely! The iPhone Pro Max comes in different storage sizes. You can pick one with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB, depending on how much stuff you want to store on your phone.

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