New Apple Watch Weather app: How its works WatchOS 10


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New Apple Watch Weather app: How its works WatchOS 10
Apple WatchOS 10 Features Review – AzeemSafi

The new Apple Watch Weather App watchOS 10 brings a completely redesigned Weather app for Apple Watches WatchOS 10, offering a more immersive and informative experience. The app now utilizes the Apple Watch display more effectively and includes a total of eight weather data categories, instead of the previous three. Additionally, the background of the app reflects the current weather conditions, enhancing the overall visual experience.

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Upon opening the Weather app in watchOS 10, users are greeted with the main “Condition” screen. This screen provides a comprehensive overview of the weather, including the time, location, cloud cover, current temperature, high and low temperatures, UV index, wind speed, and AQI (Air Quality Index). By swiping or scrolling up, users can access the hourly forecast for sun/clouds, followedthe 10-day forecast.

To explore different weather metrics, users can tap the center of the screen, which allows them to cycle through the available options. The app now includes additional weather data, such as precipitation, ultraviolet index, visibility, and humidity. Furthermore, users can also change their location or add new locationstapping the three-line icon in the top left corner.


For a more detailed view of specific weather metrics, users can tap on the cloud icon located in the top right corner. This allows them to quickly access the desired information. Additionally, severe weather alerts will appear on the main Apple Watch Weather app screen, with the ability to tap and read the full announcement.

With its new design, expanded weather metrics, and improved user interface, the revamped Weather app in watchOS 10 offers a remarkable experience for Apple Watch users. While the app’s general accuracy and reliability have been a concern in the past, one can only hope that these aspects have been addressed and improved in watchOS 10.

watchOS 10 is a major overhaul for the Apple Watch experience with a new widgets UI, mental health features like mood tracking, new watch faces, and redesigns coming with native apps like Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, World Clock, and Heart Rate.

Big picture Apple says with watchOS 10 “redesigned apps provide more information at a glance, and there are new ways to navigate and quickly access content.”

For reference, here’s the watchOS 9 Heart Rate app with a gray tiled UI:

How the Apple Watch Heart Rate app looks in watchOS 10

watchOS 10 is available in beta – but keep in mind if you do install it on your Apple Watch Weather app there’s no way to downgrade to watchOS 9. Read more about installing the beta in our guide.

When launching the Heart Rate app, you’ll see the new heart icon in a shadow as your watch reads your current pulse
When it pops up you’ll see the heart icon pulsing to the rhythm of your current heart rate – the new capability means you get to visualize your heartbeat in real time

The UI takes up the whole screen and features a neat ripple effect as each heartbeat pulses

Swipe or scroll down to see

  • Your daily heart rate range
  • Resting rate
  • Walking rate
  • Workout rate(s)

And here are the updated range, resting rate, and walking average screens. These aren’t as different from watchOS 9 and earlier but are cleaner looking and have new “i” info buttons you can tap to learn more about resting and walking rates.

At the bottom, you’ll find the heart rate details for any workouts you’ve done for the day, including your cardio recovery numbers. Here’s how that looks in watchOS 10:

New Apple Watch Weather app: How its works

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New Apple Watch Weather app: How its works WatchOS 10

How does the Apple Watch Weather app work?

The apple watch weather app Watch Weather app works by providing you with real-time weather details based on where you are. It collects information from trusted sources that keep track of the weather and shows you what’s happening outside, like the current conditions and forecasts, right on your Apple Watch.

Can I customize the Apple Watch Weather app?

Yes, you can make some changes to the Apple Watch Weather app to suit what you want to see. You get to pick what weather stuff you want to check, such as how hot or cold it is, if it’s going to rain, or how fast the wind is blowing. But remember, it might not be as customizable as some other weather apps you can find.

Is the AppleWatch Weather app accurate?

The Apple Watch Weather app tries its best to give you the right info, but its accuracy depends on the data it gets from its sources. Apple usually gets its weather data from reliable places, but weather can be a bit tricky, so it’s a good idea to double-check with a few different sources if you need to make important decisions based on the weather.

Can I view weather alerts on the Apple Watch Weather app?

Yes, you can see weather alerts on the Apple Watch Weather app. It will give you a heads-up about any serious weather stuff going on in your area. This way, you can stay safe and prepared.

Does the Apple Watch Weather app require a constant internet connection?

Yep, the Apple Watch Weather app needs the internet to work. It uses the internet to grab the most recent weather info. So, make sure your Apple Watch is hooked up to your iPhone or connected to Wi-Fi to keep the weather updates coming in.

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